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By Christine Hernandez, CMT, AMMP

The sound of the tuning forks has also proven to enhance the healing effects of energy-therapy practices such as Reiki, meditation, yoga, and massage.

A tuning fork session is usually performed on a massage table with your eyes closed. The main purpose is to provide a space of total relaxation and to clear the auric field. Once the aura is cleared, the practitioner can apply weighted body tuners on the chakra points of the body or, if needed, to acupressure points to ease any ailments. . Participants often report feeling a sense of weightlessness, having visions, physical sensations such as tingling and gentle touch, and clearing of the mind. 

So what are some of the effects you can expect from a tuning fork session?

Often instantaneous deep state of relaxation;

Improved mental clarity;

Increased level of physical energy and mental concentration;

Stress relief;

Easing of pain;

Balancing of the nervous system;

Integration of left and right brain.


Are there any side effects? The answer is No (except if you have a pacemaker; you can still have an auric tuning without the weighted body tuners).

The bottom line: The body is amazing and is able to heal itself if it only gets the time and space to do so. Finding that place of total relaxation and a clear mind with no distractions will help your body focus on what it needs to do.

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